about muralkid

What if you found out that your beloved childhood hero is building a time machine for you and your family? Would you prefer visiting the past, celebrating your present or rather speculating on the future? How would you make your story characters meet your kids? Where would you go with them and what would you share along this journey?

Where we're taking you, you don't need roads. You might take your favourite book, cartoon, photograph, vinyl, protagonist of your favourite movie, an enchanted object, recall a song that takes you back to a place, dance in the rain, or a wish that never came true. Muralkid invites you to join us in a speedy travel between the lived experiences and the fictional universe of your family. A space for imaginations to grow for the whole family.

Muralkid creates immersive story worlds on walls that connect the whole family, bringing magic into homes. We unlock memories and look for the narrative that creates a compelling tale. Through this we protect the magic of sharing memories and fantasies. A quest to weave the meaningful moments of your family into a story world, pin and colour it on your wall.

how it works

meets you

You contact us and we set the date to meet you and your kids. Together we will set the stage for our collaborative process to envision your story.

the story

Our muralkit will guide us through the process to identify the key story characters, the most important story elements and family memories that you would like to include. We will then co-create a moodboard for your story.

Make it

We use our magic wands to transform your walls to life. Once you shared your stories with us and the moodboard is ready, we agree on the date when we will come and bring the story to your wall.

tell us your story

Our experience relies on the element of involving stories that connect the family. With that in mind we prefer to meet you in person and brainstorm together in order to envision the most suitable story for your wall. If you feel you don't have the time for this, you can submit your story in the section below by recording keywords, attaching images and files related to your story: images of story characters, drawings of your kids, objects or places you are attached to, memories from your and/or your kid's childhood, lyrics of songs, family photographs or others. If you would like to send us video or larger files you can do so by sharing a link.

share story

We are based in London. Drop us an email at hello@muralkid.com or call +44 7583 735 076.
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